June 30, 2009

On The Streets

I heard it was the best small town around. The people smiled, and jobs were easy to find. After Chicago, after Miami, I needed something different. I never thought I would fall into anywhere like this place. I haven’t been to other pure college towns, but I have seen small towns, with the decaying storefronts and no pedestrian traffic. There are always people here. I know all the local riff-raff, and even they are nothing compared to the other places I’ve been. The homies and the G’s hanging out on the corner, or in this town, the church and the local dry-cleaners, are a nice bunch.
I’ve only really come across one thing I might say makes this town more than simple. Somewhere along the line, the town had this public works project for mass transportation. I’m not talking about the El, or the subways, but think Disneyland. The town didn’t need trains, not enough people, but they needed this monorail. I’ve been on it a couple of times, and I’m always expecting to arrive at the Magic Kingdom.
There is no Magic Kingdom. All I’ve found here are many more stores, mostly restaurants. It’s like the downtown. I’d say exactly the same. The only difference is at the end of the line; the street you have to cross is busier.
And it is these streets I roam. I liken myself to a lone wolf. No, wait, wolves run in packs. A coyote maybe, they’re solitary. At night, all the college students pack the bars and the holes they call home, drinking in unison. Every night, around here, not even Sunday is sacred.