June 29, 2017

Walks Through the Grass: On Our 9th Anniversary

A single foot disturbs the grass blades.
Rain comes and is replaced by the sun;
The blades spring back, forgetting their disruption.

The rain and the sun will come again.
The birds above and the worms below
Will never see that the blades were trod upon.

More steps. More Steps. More Steps.
The blades doesn’t bounce back
The rain still falls. The sun still shines.

The blades become the dirt.
The root dies. New rain
Only makes mud. Sun dries it to hard-pack.

But this story is not about the blade.
It is the foot and the walker
Going through the grass in the sun.

Making a path where the grass
Once grew. Making a path that grows
Ever deeper with each pass.

Every year as I walk to your embrace
Deep in your arms, that path grows deeper
As does my love for you.