May 10, 2010

Brief Bits

1. You might not know by looking but I was an athlete in high school. I don’t brag about it because my football team was one of the worst in the state which does not have a reputation for football programs. I won only three games for four years of high school.

2. I have a special talent for making pizza from scratch. If I had some dough right here I could impress you with my pie-tossing abilities. Sadly, I cannot, but I will shamelessly mime the action.

3. I once made pants out of duct tape. While they were aesthetically pleasing, what no one knows about tape when used as a clothing material is that it is too hot to wear because it doesn’t breathe.

4. When the democratic party’s lieutenant governor resigned, the state party held open applications and interviews to replace him on the ticket. I replied, making me briefly a candidate for higher office. So did 280 other people.

5. I’m so tough that in 2004 I was hit by a car crossing the street and I walked home. I went to the hospital the next day and then months of physical therapy, so maybe I wasn’t being tough; I was just being dumb.

May 9, 2010

The Logician

troubles me.