June 29, 2013

Once upon a time.

The best stories start that way. 
You know what to expect along the way.
The princess is saved, or the prince is saved
But he doesn’t know it.
Adversity of some sort happens:
Nefarious viziers step in or the dragon comes
Or life,
Decides not ends up not like you planned.
In the end,  All you need is a glass slipper
Or a magical kiss or two.
The curse is broken and you get.
The end credits and fireworks.
The anthropomorphic animals
Cheer (though I don’t remember
That from the Grimm.).

Cute &
Trite &

We have a story like that
Told in flashbacks, remembered variously.
Shaving cream
Lost in Topeka
the fine fur of a missed dog
A Kiss.  And thousands more.
Sleepng on the floor, then briefly homeless
Never alone.  Quitting, starting, losing,
Finding: ourselves;  each other; us.
Laughing; talking; walking; singing; jumping.
Loving.  Waiting.  Moving.  Living.
Five years Now,
But also Forever