March 20, 2017

Two Quick Graphic Novel Looks 3.20.2017


I had never read anything by Butler before. I was recommended the Parable of the Sower at one point several years back, bought it and after reading a couple of pages I put it down for something else.
Saying that, I’m not sure how accurate this adaptation is, and I give credit to Duffy and Jennings but this is her book in a way but they just walked in.
What this is is a very powerful book about the evils of slavery. Now, you don’t have to dig very deep to know that slavery was an evil institution, but something about the sci-fi / magical realism aspect of the time travelling protagonists makes the juxtaposition stronger because they are not of the world and thus have not accepted it as part of the unchangeable reality.  

Brief History of Everyday Objects

This would have been perfect a decade ago.
It was fun to read and not too deep.
It would have been perfect as a bathroom book. I loved those things, short attention span theatre for the time you just need something in front of you. I think 2008 and the release of the iPhone must have killed that. It would have been horrible going all-in on bathroom books in 2007. The Uncle John’s stock must have tanked.
But alas, it is 2017, so I read it straight through, which might not have been the best way. The stories are brief, and pass quickly from the mind as you move onto the next one.