June 30, 2009

fishin (1998)

My family has enjoyed many experiences together. We’ve had many good times, but the most memorable time I’ve spent with my family was one that was the worst for me. I felt horrible the whole weekend, but the fact that I was with my family made the whole event worth it.
It all started when my parents came up with a fine idea. We were all going to the zoo! I couldn’t wait. It was last year, and I hadn’t been to a real zoo in ages. I was all prepared to go to Pittsburgh, and as we drove, I became more excited as each mile passed. We finally got to the hotel, and checked in.
As soon as we laid our possessions down, we went out to find a place to eat.
We ate at T.G.I.Friday’s, a place I rarely get a chance to eat. I took full advantage of that chance. I stuffed myself so full, I started feeling sick. My family was going to the Monroeville Mall, but I felt like doing nothing of the sort.
I walk the short distance back to the hotel, and immediately fall asleep in my soft comfortable bed at the Hampton Inn.
The next thing I know, my family is making preparations to check out of the hotel and head for a wonderful day of enjoyment at the Pittsburgh Zoo. All that I can think about is how bad I need to vomit.
Being sick is no fun, but through personal experience, I can safely say that wandering around a zoo for an entire day makes matters even worse. I tried to pretend nothing was wrong, but I stared at my shoes for what seemed like an eternity. It was only occasionally that I looked up to see the exotic animals that presented themselves to me. Truthfully, I think I was more transfixed by my shoestrings than the majestic African lion, and my swooshes had more power to hold a stare than the unusual kangaroo.
On any other day, I would have enjoyed the experience, but the pain of my stomach made everything just too much to bear. It was a bright, beautiful day, but my cold chills made the day feel as if it was in the dead of winter. Each heavy step of my foot made my stomach churn a little more each step I took. How I survived the day, I’ll never know. Getting into the car, I felt as if I had accomplished something grand, but in reality, it was a minor victory. The car ride home was one of the worst that I have ever experienced, but I made it home, safe and sound.
I was finally home, and the last thing that I remember from that day was a mad dash for the toilet. From there, I washed my mouth out, then went to sleep. The next day, Monday, we had a track meet. I didn’t feel any better, but I still ran, but that is another story…
I don’t get to spend much time with my family, so I treasured the weekend at the zoo. The fact that I was not at my peak is no issue. I had a good time, despite my illness, and family is what really matters, isn’t it?