June 30, 2009

Left the building

I imagine I were a Nabokov
then again I shall speak no more of this
burden I shoulder bone is connected
to the hipsters I loathe to be seen
upon the television screen I watch
time pass me by without any thank you
for the dinner you so kindly pass me
the sports section of today’s newspaper
industry is dominated by big business
interest rates are low time to refinance
the house or at least paint the cellar door
never wants to stay in the right place for
a woman is in the kitchen faucet
needs a new washer and the drain is plugged
so often on NBC that I don’t
need to watch all the friends of mine throw their
lives away on worthless drugs I have not
yet found and I’m sure that they exist
on far less than we throw away every
day is the same we forget the cliché
when there’s never anything to do
or make us say, “vein video vicar,”
something Latinate along the same lines
that have been used by clergy and sinners
have to realize they’re not much different
thoughts constantly invade my head and still
all is covered and complete, having only
my thoughts of the daily monotony.