June 30, 2009

Le Premiere Jour

I undid her corset, and let her breast fall free. I had never seen any so big. I could see both of us in the mirror my chin just above her left shoulder. She kept saying about how new this all was. She had decided to leave the convent to get a secular education.
Our clothes lay in a pile on the floor. My camouflage pants and the combat boots, the red suspenders entwined with her plain black garb.
The university had made an obvious mistake. I wasn’t about to say anything. She was the hottest nun I had ever set my eyes on, and she was my roommate. I have no idea what she was thinking as I told her that everything would be ok, and she would make plenty of friends at the university.
I woke up in a cold sweat. Damn that Catholic school. I figured I would have stopped having that damn dream when I graduated. Fucking nun followed me to the university. I couldn’t dream about the plethora of hot girls I had seen that day. Some I even gathered the balls to talk to. No, no, no, Sister Julie is here too. She haunts me.
Other than the freedom from the oppressive parents, today wasn’t much to say anything about. I spent the whole day unpacking. I brought way too much stuff up here. My roommate called and said he was moving in tomorrow. Hell, I hope he only brings what he’s wearing. There’s not room for another person here.
I can’t believe how much I drank. I heard about those parties. Try to get the freshmen girls drunk and willing on their first day up here. It was a total sausage-fest. There were like four girls and a hundred guys. Chances there are not that good for me. So, I left, totally wasted. I must have had like, eight beers. I could hardly stand up, let alone make the walk back to the dorm
That’s ok. I still have Sister Julie. Now where did I put my baby oil?