June 30, 2009

And then there were two.

The competition had been a furious wreck of disorganized, but well-meaning people.

I hate to generalize, but there was a sentiment that what we were doing was for the better good of the humans. What we had failed to realize was that all the infighting and the maneuvering against each other would prove to be the downfall of the last settlers here.

If only we had the strength to withstand our own selfishness, we might not be in the position that we were in now. As it was, we were out numbered, out manned, and out gunned. These savages, these less than human humanoids, they had held us to the bay for months, and now our insurrection against them was proving futile.

There was just too many of them, and we were not supported, we were not backed up. We were without hope. All the promise of the “New World” had fallen against us, and I was the only Englishman left.

I knew Sylvan. I knew he felt the power, the absolute superiority of the Empirical European powers, and that in the power of his country, he had no equal. I know what he felt. The power of my empire had never been questioned.