June 30, 2009

Dr. VonSprout’s Device

Dr. VonSprout’s Device

Dr. Felix VonSprout created
a device to generate ultimate
pleasure. Electrical wires
are connected to a large
contraption that wires directly
in the pleasure center of the brain.

However, the button can be pressed
only twice every ten minutes.
Those who have been connected
marveled about its amazing power.
They speak of something more though.
They tell of the burst of pleasure,
the release of tension, along with
the intense craving for more.

This burst only last two minutes,
and Dr. Felix watches people greedily
press the button immediately after
the first burst, as a result, they have to wait
a painful six minutes until they can press
the button once again.

Felix watches these people scream for death
in these hellish minutes without the high
voltage of the machine coursing through their