June 30, 2009


After stein

Cigarette Package
Is not the sun shining in the corner here? Do we not feel the haze created by the fire engines as they extinguish the blaze burning in the trashcan? Maybe not, but we stand still at this corner waiting for this light to change so we can walk maybe home. You throw the rubbish on the ground and I walk away

Aviator Sunglasses
I remember a friend of mine, closeted as a homosexual in such a way that he was the only one that was able to see it, tell me that there were a lot of homoerotic elements in the movie Top Gun. Now I tried to remember my viewings of the movie, way back in time when I had a girlfriend who loved the movie, and tried to think of something in the film that kind of made me tingle and confuse me about just who I was. I really couldn’t. So, either I’m straight or he was wrong, or something along those lines.

There was a joke in elementary school, about the kid that would eat paste. In elementary school, this seems like a horrible thing to do, you wonder if your insides might become glued together, the tack of the substance tying up your digestive track forever, and you would then die a horrible death of starvation. We never saw anyone openly eat paste, but there were a few that we suspected to be among the paste eaters. The topic was open to discussion on the playground, between the games of tag and kickball, where all the cool kids sat on the railroad timbers separating off the monkey bars. They never saw me doing it, and in retrospect, it wouldn’t have mattered if they had.

RedBull Can
A ten-ounce pyramid of Aluminum tops the Washington Monument. You see, the extraction process is now relatively simple to reduce aluminum silicate to the pure metal, but when the monument was made, aluminum was more expensive than gold.

Old cartoons show old men lighting ups cigarettes, not thinking that in twenty, fifty, maybe a hundred years that just such a act would be impossible to do, unless locked in the safety of your own home, huddled into the bathroom while on the outside the Environmental Protection Agency, which was barley a glimmer in anyone’s eye, gets reduced to the dust that it once was, and now smokers have to buy expensive filtration devices from the Sharper Image.

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There is supposedly somewhere, a movie called Duck Soup. I don’t know what its about or who’s in it, but I was interviewing my Grandfather for a school project one time, and he said that it was his favorite movie when he was a child. Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy was a close second in his book, but I don’t think anyone’s been looking through his book in a long time.

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No, it is not I who thought of the day that I must die, but it is us who believe that someday we must finally go to church even in spite of our loudest objections against it that we have been exhorting all our lives. Now think about this one time friend, you do know where you go when you die. But the question that has plagued philosophers since the dawn of thought have, have not worried about the body, that temporary passage way. It is just a conduit, not the intangible soul.