June 30, 2009

OBITUARY (9/23/2003)

I smile when strangers die
I flip the paper to the back page
I know it will be me, by & by.

I can’t remember, I think it was last July
when it was I saw your face on this page
but I still smile when strangers die.

I could not find a way to cry,
standing, still at that stage
because I know it will be me, by & by.

I could not bring myself to watch you lie
cold and still, eaten by that autophage.
It’s easier when strangers die.

A painful death, I watch your soul fly
now your body’s empty, mine full of rage,
why didn’t you wait for the by & by?

I can only ask one question. Why?
The meaning of your death I cannot gauge,
we know it’s going to be us, by & by,
but it’s so much easier when strangers die.