June 30, 2009


This town reminds me of
her, as does the soft scent
of freesia in the wind I smell
passing a woman on the
street, and I turn my head.

Maybe if I had never
let that magical thing
pull away from me and
the strength of such a flower
distilled into perfume,
atomized into a fine mist
and falling onto the thin
blonde hairs where her neck
and her shoulders mingle,
sharing gossip long
since passed around about
her pregnancy scare when

I crushed her soft body
between my arms and felt
her in such a way I had
never experienced.
My heart beat against
her chest, and hot tears steamed
into the chill night air.
I pulled her chin from
my armpit, and I
fell into her from the
gravity of those majestic
blue planets staring at me,
imploring me to know
more than I knew,
and to have strength
where there was only

I took a deep breath,
and smelled freesia,
this reminds me
the freesia was only
floating in the air.