September 16, 2014

The Ringworld Graphic Novel: Book One

So Ringworld was one of those "Classic" science fiction books I knew I should have already read if I want to claim any sort of expertise in the genre (Note, apparently I hate science fiction -- but that's a discussion for another time). Anyways, I say this book on my library's shelf for new graphic novels. I was excited. I get credit for reading the book, and it's a picture book so it's like there's less work.

But here's the thing. In small print on the cover, it's only part one, and I can't find part two.
This isn't fun because the whole book was just build-up. It was like the first Hobbit movie where the whole the thing is getting the clan together for a quest and then there is...

Hold on, you have to wait for book two.

I don't know who the audience for this book is -- people who have read the book, and want to relive it, or people like me who have never read it.