September 16, 2014

"Romance for Men: Pandora's Box" is the opposite of a good book

If you review enough on Amazon, you get plenty of offers for books for review. I delete most of them. I feel bad doing so since they're mostly self-published authors trying to get noticed and to sell books.

But sometimes really cool books are on offer -- or at least books that sound really cool. This book had a lot of names attached that I recognized and it made me excited.

Basically, there are multiple theories about how humor works, but I can tell you where humor doesn't work, and that is in "Romance For Men". I was pretty let down. There is one joke in the book, and it gets old very quickly. The main character grows and changes but deliberately renounces that growth at the end of the book.

I did laugh once  that I remember, in spite of myself.

I think that this is "Romance for Men" in a way that Maxim is a magazine for men -- you know, like not really for adults but aimed at teenagers. I'd call it sophomoric, but that gives it too much credit. I'd say it is more like freshmanic.

(Note: I received a complimentary copy of this title in exchange for a review)