September 30, 2014

Sometimes people give you cool free stuff

The best part about reviewing is that sometimes people give you free stuff so you talk about the stuff they gave you in reviews.

I was given this:

And wrote this:

If I remember correctly, the spice grinder I had back in college was about the size of a quarter on top, and it only had one chamber so that you had to dig your spice out of the wells between the blades with your fingers.  That was a while ago, but I know my college spice grinder store had nothing like this.

When I pulled it out of the box, it felt heavy and substantial. It was also bigger than I thought it would be -- like the size of a silver dollar across, and deeper too. I wouldn't carry this around, it is more of an at-home spice grinder.  You can grind several recipes worth of spices in one go with this thing. The grinder lid spins but stays shut with a quality magnet and the spice falls through the holes to a second chamber which has a fine mesh floor. There is a third chamber below the mesh that is accessible I suppose to collect the fine dust from your spice. There is also a tiny spatula included to help scrape the spice if it sticks to the blades or leaves any sap or resin behind. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with this product, and I don't even smoke weed.

A complimentary product was offered to me for review.