September 16, 2014

Buy this because air mattresses suck: Review of Sleep Master Holiday Elite Rollaway Folding Guest Bed, Plus Bonus Storage Bag

The wife and I have been through at least three air mattresses in the last five years with not that many uses. They bust and the patches don't work even if you can find the hole. So we went and bought this for our last weekend guest, who was at least five ten and maybe 200 pounds. Was told that it was comfortable, and then it folded up nicely for the next time we need it.

That was only one use though, so I'm not holding a parade, but it does beat having our guests sleep on a pool toy inches from the ground--even though it is a little more expensive. If it holds up through a couple more visits it will have paid for itself.

It does a little weak, so at 350 pounds I'm not going to climb on top of it anytime soon, but for most people it should be fine.