January 2, 2015

Not Just Mommy-Blogging: Jenn Mann's "People I Want to Punch in the Throat"

I have to be honest – the author was never on my radar.

I am not in her demographic. Jenn Mann is a mommy-blogger of some sort. If I would have known that, I might never have picked up the book. Reading the book showed that she was from an area of Kansas I have some familiarity with. When I was in Grad School at Kansas State, we had kids from all over the state. There was a special breed of rich and entitled kids that we could talk about just by saying the name of the county they were from. The kids were the “Johnson County” kids. Mann writes about their mothers.

I only learned this because I picked it up. I only picked it up off the shelf at my library because of the title. Bravo to whomever came up with that one.

I’m glad I did pick it up tough. The stories are fresh and funny and real. Perhaps they are too real. I myself have never been a mother, or a parent for that matter, but the stories hit home in a way that produced just a bit of anxiety as I was reading them. It was a fun country to visit when you had Mann as a tourist guide, but I’m glad I’ll never have to live there.