January 17, 2015

Science For Her by Megan Amram: Really for Nobody


Amram is funny on twitter. I've bought some books by people that I liked on twitter. They have been hit or miss.

Maybe it is the conceit here or something else, but this just missed for me.

The introduction starts with a joke, where it is dedicated to all these people, who are her "Best friend when...".

It's a little clever at first.

Then it goes on for ten pages. It was one of those things where I was hoping that it was funny then it stops being funny but then it gets really funny. Well, that, but it never got funny again. It was actually kryptonite for me. I tried reading a bit more, but that beginning was such a bad experience that I became very defensive as a reader and was looking for reasons to set the book aside. I did, and moved on.