December 30, 2014

Food: A Love Story - Gaffigan at his Dirtiest

Hey.  You wanna read a lot of stuff about food?

No. That’s the wrong question. Do you like Jim Gaffigan (and his wife/writing partner)?

If so, you will like this book. It is basically 300 pages of riffs on food. It can get a bit much at times, and you wonder why you’re reading a book about a comic’s take on different food products, but it made me laugh. Even if there is some duplication from his live shows, this is a good collection from Gaffigan. It’s basically a “greatest hits” collection. There’s even an extended meditation what Hot Pockets mean to him.

He owes his career to Hot Pockets. If you talk about him to someone and they don’t know who he is offhand, all you need to say is “Hot Pockets” in that voice and they will know. That’s awesome connectivity.

So do you like Jim Gaffigan AND food? Then buy this book.