December 30, 2014

I Just Discovered This Cool New Band. They're called "The Killers".

I bought the Killers greatest hits collection

I always kind of liked the Killers. I had heard a few songs that I knew were Killers songs, and I dug them I found them like some modern day version of Queen in how anthemic the songs were.

So I bought this CD as a gift for my wife for a road trip were we were taking. The car was a rental and we didn’t know the area so the terrestrial radio was out. This was the only CD we brought.

It turned out that I really like the Killers. I knew every song and knew them even better by the time the trip was over. I like them so much I just looked up this CD on a streaming music service so I could listen to it again.

I still don't get the boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend I had in....

But other than that, go. Buy it.

So, yeah.  This is a great collection