July 16, 2009

We both miss your mother (part two)

Those blue eyes
of yours. They remind
me of her. The soft touch
of her skin, and the clicking
needles of the skein
becoming another useless
scarf. This bed

I lie
in, is another reminder
of her. The cold empty
space she once occupied,
the cat reminding me,
I only wanted another dog,
not another animal I couldn’t
relate to, in the house.

But your soft
padding towards the bathroom,
on this warm summer night,
I hear. I work the pillow for
coolness, as I try to sleep.
The residue of reality fades
as the door opens. Your wide
blue eyes stare in the darkness
as stare at the clock in the distance.

I have needed to oil
that hinge, but it allows
me to hear you, Rainbow
Bright, and your doll “Bunny”
enter into the solitary room.

You cry as I pull away
to clean myself off. I
hear those tears, and the cat
scratching at the litter
box when I wipe the cum
off my cock with the cheap,
store-brand toilet paper.