July 10, 2014

Reading "The Harlem Hellfighters" by Max Brooks

If you like books about war, graphic novels, and books that shine a light on social injustice, this is the book for you.

It tells the story of the Harlem Hellfighters, segregated group of African-American soldiers in WWI. They were excluded and reviled, but were highly decorated. It is well told, and well illustrated. The only issue is that the black and white illustrations are sometimes too busy when showing battles in the trenches, so it is hard to differentiate and to know what is going on. Otherwise, it compares favorably to other books in the genre from writers such as Jacques Tardi’s “It Was the War of the Trenches”. A good read and well-worth it.

And it was written by that guy who is famous for writing about zombies. It seems he is not one-dimensional after all!