July 29, 2014

An (un)Interesting Drug: The Graphic Novel by Manning and Wieszczyk

So you’re a genius who flamed out of college. Then this guy comes into your life, telling you that you are the guy who invented a time travel drug. What do you do? Since your sister died when you were younger you want to make that invention so you can change the past so she doesn’t die.
Simple, right. At least it makes for….”An Interesting Drug”.
Bottom line here is that I wanted to like the book, but I didn’t. The drawings were too busy, the palette is a succession of monochromes (though they are for a reason, to show the different time periods. However there is a heavy reliance on this ugly mustard yellow that doesn’t work for me).
Then there’s the time travel. The drug is one sort of time travel, but the “bad” guy figures out another sort of time travel – it all gets really distractingly hand-wavey there.
Finally, crazy plot point that annoyed me. Main character goes back to school, and he is allowed to run drug tests through his own lab at school on humans. And he’s an undergraduate. The lab supervisor and the Standards & Ethics Committee were all asleep at the switch. Meh.