July 18, 2014

I was a little disappointed with the 2014 Sports Illustrated Almanac

I bought this to brush up on sports history ahead of a tryout for Sports Jeopardy.

I didn't make the cut, but that's not why I take away a star. Overall this is a clean-looking book, and it is easy to read despite the denseness of the subject matter. There are records and stats for all the major sports and a lot of the minor ones -- though it is American-centric. You don't get cricket or rugby, and the only soccer is for the international competitions.

The first problem is that there is no index. This wasn't a major problem for me, because I was reading it cover-to-cover, but after the tryout I went to look up some of the questions I missed and it was hard to find the answers. There is a tabs system, so you can page to the area the book covers the specific sport, but then you have to dig.

The second problem is that there are enough typos and formatting problems that it is distracting for someone who is sitting through and reading the whole thing. I don't have it in front of me, but the one I set to my head is on around page 520 or so. The book is discussing women's golf international team events, and in the listing one of the teams is listed as the 'international Tea," With the comma in there. Now, it is easy to make that typo, since there is not much space between the comma and the letter "M", all I'm saying is that there needed to be a more careful copy-editing session. In the past several years I have read cover-to-cover the more general World Almanac and Book of Facts for a more successful  game-show tryout. There were much fewer of these problems, with much more information. I wish they did a Sports Almanac.