February 15, 2017

Towards the Library Election

Everyone involved in this library election was on the board or in the volunteer group working towards the building of a new library. I myself would not have volunteered my time if I did not think that having a new library would be beneficial to the community.
The problem for all candidates is that the referendum for building a new library lost. We can try to mollify ourselves and our supporters with whatever words we want, but there is one truth. Either we did not do enough to sell our vision or we over-promised that vision.
The positive effects of a library are hard to quantify, and harder since we’re projecting into the future. The future we can project but is ultimately unknowable.
This unknowable future is why the library is so important to me though. The building we didn’t approve is one that was open and flexible in a way that the current one is not. Space is limited and programs are closed. Our vision was broad and open.
The library as we know it will always be the center of learning. It is not just books but a place for everyone to communicate and learn and grow.
Ultimately the library is a community resource. My vision is growth, but accepting that we might need to reach out to our opponents. The library is a resource for all citizens.
No matter what happens, the goal is to serve all the people of Brookfield.