February 15, 2017

On Kindt and Hall's "Pistol Whip"

Ultimately, I liked this book.

The problem here is that I can’t talk with my hands.

I want to speak of the noire character of the book, the dark and unknown that stays there through the end. What really is interesting is how the book can both probe deep and stay on the surface of things so that it is hard to get close to the characters, but you care deeply about them.

And here’s the hands-y part. I want to take both of my hands to describe a place in space that takes both hands in parallel facing you, and then weave them through each other. When I do it in space it feels like one of those dances someone on ecstasy does. I’ve never done ecstasy. It makes me think of that two-bits critical word I learned in grad school: “entrelacement”. But I think it is just making me drop pseudo-French and not being real. I hart that.

So, to look back, this is a book about a private eye and a dame and a radio superhero. And about none of that. And totally worth it.