March 29, 2015

On "The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath" Culbard adapting Lovecraft

                Lovecraft is one of those authors I want to have read, but in spite of having some of his book lying around the house, I haven’t found the time or inclination to read. So when I found this book at my library, I was happy. I like graphic novels because they feel like a cheat - I can throw myself in the world and it won’t take all the time. It’s better than a movie adaptation, but less than sitting down and reading the story.

                The story here is Randolph Carter trying to reach the city of his dreams. Having not ready the source, I cannot say how fully realized this book is over the original book. What I can say is that as an introduction to Lovecraft, I hope it isn’t a fully realized look. The journey Carter undergoes doesn’t have any real tension and it never feels like there’s anything really at stake. It’s like instead of trying to attain the city of his dreams, he’s walking to the deli. This is a shame because the setting is interesting. The world built by Lovecraft and drawn by Culbard could have some very interesting things happen inside of it. I just didn’t think that what was possible with it was attained. 

                At the end, I am not turned off by perusing more Lovecraft, but it didn’t whet my appetite to look for more stories. The books I have will remain on the shelf, gathering dust.