January 7, 2014

Reading the collection of "Hyperbole and a Half"

Hold on.  Is this just the blog, but put in book form?

I have no idea.  My wife saw that her friends had a copy of this, and then she needed to have a copy of it.  It might have some new stuff though, since my wife, as she read it would comment about how she hadn’t read a section.  And she laughed.

I have only read one of the blog-stories that are included in this book, and that was the cartoon about the author’s fight with depression.  I haven’t faced what she has faced, but the way she described it helped me understand some people I know in a better way.  That was worth the money alone, you know, paying for something you can get free on the internet (support your local artists in the global village, etc).

I  then read them in one sitting and laughed and laughed. 

I have a feeling that Brosh can actually draw, but her style is deliberately primitive.  The way she illustrates the weird hatted-tadpole that is the authorial stand-in in these comics shows she understands the human  body.  Don’t let the “bad” drawing of the occasional nasty language dissuade you from reading these tales. Brosh is a keen observer of the human condition, and is someone to keep an eye on (in the anticipatory sort of way, though perhaps in the not trusting with the glassware sort of way as well).