January 28, 2014

One Summer: Bryson as Storyteller

I first came across Bryson when I was trying to refresh my scientific knowledge, and used his short history of (nearly) everything to bring back those bits of knowledge that had receded into the brain.  I have since read several of his books, and I have found out that he is one of the better storytellers working in the English language.  My own knowledge of what he covers – science and this history of the English language -- let me know that Bryson knows what he is talking about.  No wooden nickels here. 

So when I came across this new title, a work of history, my interest was piqued even though it is not my normal fun reading.  It was a good read, covering a lot of things that will make this a great father’s day book or Christmas gift for the middle-age man in your life: there are the  1927 Yankee;  the race to fly across the Atlantic won by Charles Lindbergh; and there is even the president wearing a cowboy outfit.