July 26, 2016

A Billion Somethings

A feeling
Excitement and elation. Standing there
By the sink. The birds - pecking at the feeder.
And that welling up came to me, where you pop to
My mind. A smile comes to my lips.
Maybe some tears
To the corner of my eyes because I’m so happy.
Say, either in my mind or softly but to myself,
“God, I Love her.”

Other times with other people
That I thought I was in love and might have said
The same thing in the same way staring at
A picture or off in the distance.

But! The depth and endurance
Of this emotion towards you makes those
Other times as the child being told just how many
Somethings it takes to make a billion of something.
The child nods but there is no true understanding
Because of the incomparable vastness
Of so many somethings

And that is my love for you.
I want to celebrate you, and to celebrate us.
And to find, with each word, a new and exciting
Surprising way to tell you for the millionth time
I love you.