May 7, 2015

On "Hooligans United" - a Rancid Tribute

It was about time for a Rancid Tribute album.
I preordered this pretty much as soon as I heard about it, in the “Please Take My Money” sort of way.
It is a double album chock full of songs that were originally performed by Rancid.
So a couple of things I learned listening through this several times:

11)      Part of what makes Rancid so distinctive is Tim and Matt’s singing voices. I’m a big Anti-Flag fan, and they get the first song on the first record. They do a straight-forward cover, but it feels a little thin – Justin and Chris can’t quite match it.
22)      Tim, who released a solo album under the title “A Poet’s Life,” really is a poet. His songs work well even when singers who enunciate sing his songs.
33)      The most interesting covers are the ones that take the songs in an entirely different direction than the one you’re used to singing along in.

Overall, it is an interesting record for the Rancid fan, but I’m not sure how heavy of a play it will earn on turntables.