April 7, 2015

New Agnostic Front - The American Dream Died (But It Lives!)

I got this from Nuclear Blast on a pre-order. They shipped early, so I have been able to rock this in my car for several days.

For the first several listens, a couple of tracks stand out. I like the sing-along vibe of "Old New York." There are a couple of other tracks that use an effects pedal and a nice chord progression that I was jamming along without even really listening to the lyrics. I think track six is the one that sticks on that level. There are also nice use of samples, that reinforces the titular theme - that of a longing for an ideal past. Though I would argue that the American Dream writ large is still alive. The debate is over how close the current reality is to the perceived ideal (and if that ideal is what we should be striving towards).

But I digress. The main complaint here is that the album is too short. You're jamming to the intro and the next thing you know the intro is repeating itself. No worries. It just means that I have to troll the back catalog to satiate the AF hunger. Thankfully they have plenty back there.