August 20, 2014

Seconds - Ha! More Like Firsts: Looking at O'Mally's new graphic novel "Seconds"

This is the Scott Pilgrim guy, right?

I didn’t read Scott Pilgrim, so I can’t compare this to Scott Pilgrim (I did see the movie, but none of this reminds me of Michael Cera).

I did like this book though – even though it stars a girl (Ew! I know right)

It’s about starting a restaurant. And time travel, done in an incredibly new and inventive way. Or it was new to me. If the Scott Pilgrim guy was ripping anyone off, I missed the antecedent. This book is also about love and about not trusting contractors, and finally that all places have a certain spirit of their own. There’s also a spooky kinda-goth chick that I liked. She’s one of the few people that could sense the spirit. She also burned her arms, but then didn’t but then ….

You know what, just read the book.